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Carl M. Van Patten
Charles Dale Van Patten
Clayton F. Van Patten
Deline Christopher Van Patten
Edward Melville Van Patten
Emerson John Van Patten
Fred Edward Van Patten
Forrest LaMoyne Van Patten
Gail R. Van Patten
George Harold Van Patten
Harold James Van Patten, Jr.
Harold Lyle Van Patten
Horace Western Van Patten POW
Irvin B. Van Patten
John Henry Van Patten
Kenneth Ernest Van Patten
Leon R. Van Patten
Leonard Gale Van Patten
Perry Herbert Van Patten
Richard Joseph Van Patten
Vernon Neil Van Patten
Willard Glenn Van Patten
William Lee Van Patten
George Duncan Van Patter KIA
Alfred Emery Van Petten, Jr.
Ralph Taft Van Petten
Reed Van Petten

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Carl M. Van Patten: B: 03JAN1923 - Buhl, Twin Falls Co., Idaho; D:
11JUL2002 - Napa, Napa Co., California; U.S. Army Air Corps; Enlisted:
17SEP1943; Served in Okinawa.

Charles Dale Van Patten: B: 02DEC1923 - Pangburn, White Co., Arkansas;
D: 11JUL2011 - Searcy, White Co., Arkansas; U.S. Army, he was in Europe
on both VE Day and VJ Day.  Charles was a decorated Combat Medic,
awarded the Bronze Star. (brother to Irvin B. Van Patten and Leon R. Van
Patten of this record)

Clayton F. Van Patten: B. 17MAR1918 - Sharon, Schoharie Co., New York;
D: 27DEC2002 - Sharon, Schoharie Co., New York; U.S. Army; Enlisted:

Deline Christopher Van Patten: B: 06OCT1917 - Canajoharie, Montgomery
Co., New York; D: 28OCT1984 - Palatine, Montgomery Co., New York; U.S.
Army; Enlisted: 28DEC1942; Corporal; Light Tank Driver, Co B, 824th Tank
Destroyer Battalion.

Edward Melville Van Patten: B: 08NOV1927 - Rotterdam, Schenectady Co.,
New York; D: 26SEP1967 - Schenectady, Schenectady Co., New York; U.S.
Marine Corps Reserves; Corporal; Pacific Theater; Wounded; Awarded the
Purple Heart.  From 1954 - 1967, he was a Rotterdam Police Officer.

Emerson John Van Patten: B. 14AUG1918 - Guilderland, Albany Co., New
York; D: 15OCT2007 - Guilderland, Albany Co., New York; U.S. Army Air
Corps; Enlisted: 06APR1944; Stationed in San Francisco, California.

Fred Edward Van Patten, Jr.: B. 26OCT1921 - Lansing, Ingham Co.,
Michigan; D: 24AUYG1946 - Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan; U.S. Army;
Enlisted: 05SEP1942.

Forrest LaMoyne Van Patten: B. 21JUN1921 - Lansing, Ingham Co.,
Michigan; D: 15JUN1969 - Howell, Livingston Co., Michigan; U.S. Army;
17AUG1944 - 13OCT1945.

Gail R. Van Patten: B: 28APR1923 - Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska; D:
08MAR1944 - Essen, Germany; U.S. Army Air Corp, Tech. Sergeant.  Died in
air combat near Essen, Germany - 1944.  He was buried 10FEB1950 in
Zachery Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Plot I

George Harold Van Patten: B: 26AUG1922 - Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co.,
Ohio; D: 19DEC1999 - Maple Heights, Cuyaho Co., OH; U.S. Army Reserve;
Enlisted: 29JUL1942.

Harold James Van Patten, Jr.: B: 14MAR1923 - Anaheim, Orange Co.,
California; D: 29AUG1997 - Yorba Linda, Orange Co., California; U.S.
Marines, Drum Major.  Harold Jr. was the bugler for the San Diego Marine
Corp Station for most of WWII, until he was made Drum Major of the
and Bugle Corp
. His unit shipped out to Guam where he trained as a gunnery
sergeant.  Three days before shipping out for the mainland assault on Japan, the
A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and at the end of the war, he spent another
year in Peking, China with the Occupation Forces, again as bugler.  Every day
he stood in Tiannamen Square overlooking the
Forbidden City, and blew calls
for the American troops.

Harold Lyle Van Patten: B. 02JUN1922 - Algansee Twp, Branch Co., MI; D:
27JUL1944 - Asan, Guam.  U.S. Marines; Enlisted APR1942; Signal Corps
Radio Division.  Harold Lyle Van Patten, youngest son of John Calvin (Gent)
and Frieda Van Patten, made the supreme sacrifice for his country on July 27,
1944 during the invasion of Guam at 22 years of age.  While at school in
Quincy, Harold was active in sports, was well known and liked for his splendid
personality.  After finishing college (Adrian and Tri-State), he was employed by
Western Electric Company in Detroit for 11 months before enlisting in the
Marines in April 1942.  Harold had been overseas for 18 months serving in the
South Pacific attached to the Signal Corps Radio Division of the Marines,
having studied the Japanese codes and languages in New Zealand.  He took part
in several World War II engagements including Bougainville and Tarawa.  
During the invasion of Guam, he was wounded and died five days later.
The War Memorial (which Harold's name is listed) overlooks Asan, Guam, one
of the invasion beaches. The Japanese saw about 100 ships off this coast at
dawn on July 21, 1944, as the Americans prepared to invade. When they came
ashore, the American soldiers faced the Japanese ensconsed in the cliffs and
bluffs, literally shooting our men down like sitting ducks.

Horace Western Van Patten: B: 21SEP1915 - Michigan; D: 25APR1971 -
Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan; U.S. Army; Private; Infantry; captured
by the Germans and spent the remainder of the war in a POW camp (Stalag 9B
Bad Orb Hessen-Nassau, Prussia 50-09)

Irvin B. Van Patten, Jr.: B: 07MAT1916 - Pangburn, White Co., Arkansas;
D: 07FEB2013 - Searcy, White Co., Arkansas. Irvin enlisting in the National
Guard prior to WWII. Irvin got out of the Guard before they were activated for
duty. He was drafted back into the Army. He was trained to be a mechanic. He
was a 1st Sergeant in the National Guard prior to Pearl Harbor.  Irvin faught in
the Battle of the Bulge as a 1/2 track driver.  After the war in Europe ended,
Irvin volunteered to go to the Pacific Theater. The atomic bomb was dropped
while he was en route to go to the Pacific. (brother to Charles Dale Van Patten
and Leon R. Van Patten of this record)

John Henry Van Patten: B: 07AUG1924 - Rotterdam, Schenectady Co., New
York; D: 01FEB1967 - Rotterdam, Schenectady Co., New York; U.S. Army;
Enlisted: 16JUN1943; PFC, 71 AAA Gun BN CAC.

Kenneth Ernest Van Patten: B: 12MAR1926 - Everett, Snohomish Co.,
Washington; D: 04NOV1974 - Oxford, Worcester Co., Massachusettes;
Enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1943, served on the USS Bliss as a pharmasists
mate and corpsman in the Pacific Theater.  The USS Bliss was a hospital ship
that took in many of the wounded and dead from the Pacific island battles.

Leon R. Van Patten: B: 01JUL1918 - Pangburn White Co., Arkansas; D:
03APR2014 - Searcy, White Co., Arkansas; U.S. Army; Drafted: 22MAR1945;
4040th and 4615th Quartermaster Truck Companies; Automotive
Mechanic/Combat Rifleman/Tech. 5; Pacific Theater (Philippines). Leon was
drafted late in the war but served in the Pacific Theater as an automotive
mechanic in a Quartermaster Truck Company in the Philippines and during part
of the US occupation. (brother to Charles Dale Van Patten and Irvin B. Van
Patten, Jr. of this record)

Leonard Gale Van Patten: B. 05APR1922 - Ithica, Tompkins Co., New
York; D: 07JAN2003 - Spokane, Spokane Co., Washington; U.S. Navy.  He
served until 1946. Leonard saw duty in the South Atlantic and South Pacific.
He was an aviation machinist mate in heavier and lighter than air blimps.

Perry Herbert Van Patten: B. 27SEP1917 - West Cheney, Spokane Co., WA;
D: 1941 - Dayton, Mongomery Co., OHIO; U.S. Army Air Corps -
Test Pilot -

Richard Joseph Van Patten: B: 09OCT1929 - Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY;
U.S. Marines.

Vernon Neil Van Patten: B. 31AUG1923 - Scotia, Schenectady Co., New
York; D: 22FEB2001 - Schenectady, Schenectady Co., New York; U.S. Navy.

Willard Glenn Van Patten: B. APR1913 - Grant, Iosco Co., Michigan; D:
07AUG1943 - WWII (non-battle); Sgt., U.S. Army; buried: Arlington National

William Lee Van Patten: B. 1913 - Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska; D:
????; Lived: Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska - 1920; Lived: Council Bluffs,
Pottawattamie Co., IA - 1930; Lived: Denver, Denver Co., Colorado - 1949;
U.S. Army.

George Duncan Van Patter:  B: 10JAN1921 - Malahide, Elgin, Ontario, CAN;
D: 08MAY1944 - Buwmwan, Bengal, India; Pilot Officer, RAF squadron 357
based near Calcutta, India.  He was killed when his Liberator bomber ran out of
fuel and crashed on its return from dropping paratroopers over Burma;

Alfred Emery Van Petten, Jr.: B: 27FEB1912 - Missouri; D: 08AUG1983 -
Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas; U.S. Army, SSgt.

Ralph Taft Van Petten: B. 03NOV1908 - Reese, Tuscola Co., Michigan; D.
02AUG2005 - Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Michigan; U.S. Navy; 1941 - 1945 Chief
Electrician; Muster Date: 25JUN1943 aboard USS Cowpens (CVL-25); Pacific

Reed Van Petten: B. 19JUL1911 - Evanston, Cook Co., IL; D: 25FEB2005 -
Rehoboth Beach, Sussex Co., Deleware; U.S. Army; Enlisted: 24JUN1941;
Served in the South Pacific.
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