Jack Joseph Roland Van Patten (1947-)
Kenneth R. Van Patten (1948-)
Larry Gene Van Patten (1947-2006)
Robert Andrew Van Patten (1943-1967)
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Vietnam War
1963 - 1975
Jack Joseph Roland Van Patten: B: 1947 - Milwaukee, WI; Drafted in
the US Army on 04NOV1966 until 18OCT1968.  He was stationed in
Germany from APR1967 to OCT1968 as a Specialist 4th Class in the 3rd
Armored Division (Spearhead).  He was seriously wounded on a joint
NATO opperation in APR1968.

Kenneth R. Van Patten: B: 27MAY1948 - Worcester, Worcester, MA;
Enlisted in the US Marine Corps in AUG1967; tour of duty began
JAN1968.  He was present at the Seige of Khesahn in the 26th Marine
Regiment with the Scout Snipers.  Before the Seige of Khesahn ended, he
was transferred to a Security Platoon which was assigned to the security of
Colonel Lowds bunker.  This was known as the "Bullseye" since the NVA
(North Vietnamese Army) directed most of their artillery and rocket fire at
this point.  He later served in Phu Bai, An Hoa Valley and in the hills around
Da Nang.  He returned to the States in FEB1969 and was honorably
discharged in 1970.

Larry Gene Van Patten: B: 30JUL1947 - Tyler, Smith Co., TX; D:
03DEC2006 - Wasilla, Matanuska Susitna Co., AK.  US Army; Spec 4 and
Point Man; Stationed - Chulia, Vietnam.  While "in country", he developed
"Dingy Fever" and suffered all the rest of his life from health problems
caused by Agent Orange, finally succumbing to cancer.

Robert Andrew Van Patten: B: 26MAR1943 - Redwood City, San Mateo,
CA; D: 25NOV1967 - Binh Duong, South Vietnam; 1st Lieutenant, Army
Reserve; enlisted from San Carlos, CA and began his tour of duty in
Vietnam on 02MAY1967.  His death is listed
as Hostile, Ground Casualty
from multiple fragmentation wounds.  His name is on the
Vietnam War
Memorial Wall
in Washington, DC and is located at: Panel 30E, Line 87.