William James Van Patten, politician of Vermont also had an impressive "summer
camp" on a cliff overlooking Converse Bay on Lake Champlain.
In Vermont, and from upstate New York through Maine, a "camp" isn’t just a
collection of tents and lean-tos—it’s a real house. You might not live in it year-
round, but it has plumbing and electricity. Most Americans would call one a
"cabin," but "camp" is used and understood up here. "Camp" can mean a pretty big

William James Van Patten also resided at a prominent residence in Burlington,
Chittenden Co., VT, while in politics. (
William James Van Patten
   Summer Camp - 1896
"Van Patten Camp, Charlotte, 1896. William James Van Patten built his impressive summer
camp on a cliff overlooking Converse Bay on Lake Champlain."