Van Patten
Resting Place
Green Street Cemetery; relocated to Vale Cemetery
Schenectady, New York in 1856
Stones: Late 1600's to early 1700's
Claas Frederickse Van Petten (1641-1728)
Rebecca Maria Van Patten (1816-1906)

Many names and some gravestone pictures to come soon, as this was the
common and favorite resting place of many Van Patten's of Schenectady
Co., NY.  The old Green Street Cemetery of the original Schenectady
Stockade area along the Mohawk River (early 1700's) is also re-interred
here just beyond the State Street entrance.

I have found at least nine (9) early Van Petten names (Green St. Cemetery)
and at least sixty (60) Van Patten names listed within this beautiful and
wonderful, yet spooky 100 acre cemetery park started in 1856/57 and
located in the heart of Schenectady, NY.  Therefore, I must make a separate
webpage to semi - accurately represent the "V.P." families that are sleeping
in peace within Vale Cemetery.

Within my very limited knowledge of Vale Cemetery, please - one and all -
please send any and all "Van Petten" and Van Patten"
Fisher Methodist Church Cemetery, Rotterdam, NY
Charlotteville Cem., Charlotteville, Schoharie Co., NY
Nicholas & Alice Van Patten
Benjamin & Magdalen (Van Patten) Gage
Old Duanesburg Cem., Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., NY
Clearwater Municipal Cemetery, Clearwater, Florida
Cedar Grove Bapt. Ch. Cem., Laurens Co., SC
Millburn Cemetery, Lake Co., Illinois
Hillside Mem. Park, Antioch, Lake Co., Illinois
Hickory Union Cem., Antioch, Lake Co., Illinois
Can you send us more
V.P. gravestone pictures ???
Oakland Cem., Allegan, Allegan Co., Michigan
Albert Ryar & Ellen Van Patten
Charles Van Patten
Edna (wife of Charles)
Grand Junction Cem., Columbia Twp., Van Buren Co., MI
Edgar Daniel & Elida (Ida) E. (Swan) Van Patten
Ivonette (Nettie) (Van Patten) Barto
Jennie Van Patten
Marion Nelson Van Patten
East Greenbush Reformed Church Cemetery
East Greenbush, Renssselaer Co., NY
Bethlehem Cemetery, Delmar, Albany Co., NY
                                       THE DASH

The DASH is the mark on a gravestone between the date of birth and the date of
         The DASH represents the life of a person who lived, loved and laughed.
                                   How are you living your DASH ?
                       Please make every day of your DASH count !!!

                                * See original poem by Linda Ellis - 1996.