Van Patten House
(known as the Evansville House)
Evansville, Rock Co., WI
(No Known Photo ???)
There is so much information on this house (except a photo - which is greatly

I will come back to this story of the haunted house that was purchased in 1894
by Frank Van Patten.


It was built in either 1834 or 1855 (depending on story) as a Hotel and Livery
for the stage coaches and thier passengers that went through this part of the

Frank Van Patten (and family) only owned the building for two or three years
and had to get out because of the "hauntings" of "footsteps" and other
unexplained events.

Lastly, the building was known as the "East Side Steak House" until it was
devastated by fire in NOV1988 and is now the location of a Gas Station/Quicky

The story of the hauntings begin with Frank Van Patten - - not before and not
afterwards.  Other than this "flaw", the story still lives on in local folklore.