Van Patten Girls
Sam & Sadie
Marge, Sarah, Millie and Lo
Photo: 12SEP1992
Jerry & Kim's Wedding
Phoebe, Millie and Lo
Photo: 1940
The daughters of Samuel James and Sarah Ann (Swatling) Van Patten are:
Phoebe Ruth (27AUG1919 - FEB1966)
Mildred Anne (29JAN1920 - l21APR2006)
  Lois Elizabeth (12AR1923 - 09JAN1996)
Sarah Janet (02APR1930 - 26MAY2013)
Margaret Eloise (09NOV1934 - 08DEC2012)
Phoebe, Mildred and Lois Van Patten married three Redmond
brothers:                          George, Leo and Lester Redmond.
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