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Marguerite Van Patten was born on August 30, 1905 in Minersville, Beaver
Co., Utah and died on July 9, 1990 in Longview, Cowlitz Co.,Washington.  
On July 2, 1929, in Pocatello, Bannock Co., Idaho, she was married to Joseph
Adam Polacek who was born on February 2, 1908 in Ft. Collins, Larimer Co.,
Colorado and died on December 20, 1995 in Longview, Cowlitz Co.,

Marguerite spent much of her adult life researching the Van Patten family
history as a faithful member of the Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints Church.  
She researched data for her book,
The Van Patten Family - a Book of
, privately published in 1967 by her brother Boyce.  Her years
of dilligent work is the backbone that all modern Van Patten research is based.

From the introduction of Marguerite's book, written by her brother, Boyce:

"The compilation of material for this book by my sister, Marguerite Van Patten
Polacek, of Longview, Washington, is the result of at least 30 years work.  
The motivation came from one of the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints..."
                             - and further down the page
"Marguerite Van Patten Polacek is not a professional genealogist, but a
housewife who has labored long and arduosly to bring forth a work of love and
devotion to 'her family'.  During the past several years, she has been seriously
afflicted with arthritis and to bring this material to the point that it may be
published in book form..., has indeed been a couragous and devoted work."

Signed: Boyce Van Patten - Dated: 08MAR1967
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