Claes Frederickse Van Petten was born on May 30, 1641 and Baptised on June
2, 1641 in Petten, North Holland, Netherlands (a small fishing village at the time)
and died on October 3, 1728 in Schenectady, NY, which was then part of
Albany County, New York.  He was the son of Frederick Albertse Van Petten
(born about 1610), grandson to Albert Albertse (born about 1580) and great
grandson to Albert of Petten (born about 1550).  Claas was the first of his family
to come to America and is the
father to all in our genealogical line.

Claes/Class arrived in New Netherlands (New York City) before 1664 because in
that year, Claas and his friend Isaac Swits, *leased the bowery (farm #5 in
Schenectady) of Willem Teller, "consisting of a dwelling house, barn, rick and
arable land in two parcels...for a term of six years... in the colony of
Rensselaerwyck (entire Albany area).  In 1668, Claas bought his first farm in
company with Cornelis Viele, paying a total of 330 beaver skins.  The property,
owned by Marten Van Ysselsteyn, was situated on the west of Claas's
brother-in-law Reyer Schermerhorn at Schenectady, near the Mohawk River.

In 1672, Claes married Aeffie Arentse Bradt (1649-1728) whose grandfather was
Deputy Director of Rensselaerwyck.

In 1679, Claes *bought half interest in a sloop
de Royael Lock for 118 beaver
skins that moved grain along the Hudson River to trade with New Netherlands
(New York City).

In 1682, Claes *purchased a "certain negro called Jan" for 50 beaver skins
(following generations also owned slaves).

Claas was a Roadmaster, juror and in 1690 he was appointed Justice of the
Peace under Governor Leisler.

For whatever reason, whether bad deals or selling liquor to the Indians, Claas, in
1683 moved to Papsne (a swampy island on the Hudson River near Albany) and
so missed the 1690 Schenectady Massacre by the French and Indians where over
60 inhabitants were killed (scalped) or taken prisoner to Canada and buildings

Claas and his wife Aeffie both died in the same year - 1728 and were buried in
the old Green St. Cemetery, Schenectady and later reinterned in Vale Cemetery,
Schenectady, NY.

* Details in the new Y2K book
Van Patten by Fran (Van Patter) Hindmarsh.

** Latest 2005 book update - has been put on permanent "Hold", due to health
reasons in Fran's 84th year (2010).
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Claes Frederickse Van Petten
30MAY1641 - 03OCT1728